Tuesday, 18 December 2018

RETRO REVIEWING: The Strings of Murder - Oscar De Muriel

They just keep on coming, don't they?! I am quite surprised at just how many reviews I have penned over the years. Another reason for doing this is my own completist nature and the need to have everything under the same roof. Although I back up regularly putting everything on my blog is tantamount to putting all my reviews in the Cloud? Here is retro review number 9 in a series of ............ I have no idea how many more........  This was published in February 2015.

If you enjoy historical fiction, read this book. If you like crime novels, read this book. If you like horror stories read this book. If you like the occult and the supernatural, read this book. If you can stomach gruesome, read this book. If you like detective tales with two dysfunctional, diametrically opposed policemen read this book. If you love a debut novel, read this book. If you relish a well written, plot driven, atmospheric, knowledgeable story, read this book. 

Oh, you’ve done it again Real Readers! Given me a debut novel that lifts my heart. And I see that it may be just the first in a series with Nine Nails McGray and Inspector Frey. Oh Mr. De Muriel please write them quickly. I want more!!

Imagine Mulder and Scully in Victorian Edinburgh, remember Eugene Tooms from episode 3 in the first series of the X Files? (geek? moi?) And you’re part way to the flavour of this new novel. 

The plot is so tight you can’t second guess, it unravels so skilfully you’re carried along desperate to know what’s going on because there are several strands to the crime itself, very clever ideas and no shortage of wit. And the dynamic between the characters are delightful. I loved it when McGray calls Frey ‘the Archbishop of Fussminster’!!! 

I can visualise this on the screen big or little, there’s an element of Ripper Street but it is more substantial than that.

It took guts to write a novel like this. Insert the wink emoticon here. The writer wasn’t just fiddling about. Insert another wink emoticon here. And I’m not saying why as I try not to do spoilers. 

If you would like to know what I mean, read this book!

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