Monday, 8 January 2018

Origin - Dan Brown

Dan Brown has his critics and his writing style has oft been criticised from a linguistic point of view at the very least. In fact there are those who condemn him as a downright bad writer. However his books sell. So all those who condemn his writing, would they also condemn his readers for buying and enjoying his books? I don’t care!! I do enjoy his books. Plot holes, implausibilities, inaccuracies of research, contrivances, yep, all there if you wanna look but if you just wanna lose yourself in a rollicking good yarn it’s an easy accessible read. And I’m sure Mr. Brown is sobbing all the way to the bank.

Origin is his most recent work and features the indubitable Mr. Robert ‘Mickey Mouse Watch’ Langdon. Does this guy ever age!!?? All the Brown hallmarks are here, conspiracies and twists and another female accomplice. This time the story is a vehicle that airs the eternal debate between science and religion and  attempts to come up with a plausible theory as to our origins and our future. It’s fast paced and the reader moves along eager to find out what happens next. And Brown doesn’t disappoint. What you think you’ve figured out isn’t so and what you thought couldn’t be turns out to be so. 

If you’ve enjoyed the Langdon series up to now I doubt you’ll be disappointed with this. Its formulaic, yes,  but if you’re happy with Brown’s formula you’ll be happy with this. 

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