Tuesday, 17 October 2017

The Betrayal - Kate Furnivall

I am so sorry. This book isn’t published till the beginning of November. That means you can’t read it yet. I feel so bad for you. Because you will want to read it. It’s a pleasure to read. 

There are no frills and fluffs, no attempts to be quirky with multi chronologies or flawed narrators. It’s a most wonderful example of good, old-fashioned story telling. There’s a beginning, a middle and an end (Wasn’t that what your teacher always told you when you were writing a story in Primary school), all in the right order. There’s heroes and heroines doing it for the right reasons. And there are villains and villainesses doing it mostly for the wrong reasons - although I’ll allow one exception but I’m not telling you because it will spoil it for when you read it. And you will want to read it. There are characters you will love and some you will loathe and you feel those things because the characters are believable. There’s lots of history in it, both social and political - it’s set mostly on the cusp of WWII. Its authentic and well researched. There’s some love, there’s some lust, there’s some drinking, there’s some gambling, there’s adventure and some swashing of buckles. So it’s exciting.There’s some morality, there’s some skullduggery. Oh, and there are twin sisters. And there’s a betrayal, of course but you’re kept guessing all the way through.

And I felt sad when I finished it because I wanted it to carry on. In fact I can’t think of anything in it that there isn’t. So you will want to read it. 

How did I get a copy I hear you ask?  I  won it in a competition! How fantastic is that? From the lovely people at Simon and Schuster. And now I want to read more of Kate Furnivall’s books. 

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