Friday, 24 August 2018

Murder on the Left Bank - Cara Black

This is the eighteenth Aimee Leduc mystery!! It’s my first. Whether it will be my last or not I’m not sure yet. Did I enjoy it? Yes, I did. The sights, sounds and smells of Paris were ably conjured as the backdrop for some unpleasant murders investigated by the stubborn and intrepid Aimee.
Clearly much of what has transpired in the previous books are referenced here but overall it doesn’t detract from this one as a standalone tale.  But my guess is the experience of reading its antecedents might well have enhanced the experience. 

It’s a fast paced, twisty story with plenty of action and plenty of brain work too as you try to figure out the conundrum of the missing notebook and the havoc it causes. I suspect many of the characters have already appeared in previous volumes and are old friends to loyal readers. I certainly got that impression and I will admit to being just a little curious as to the various roles these characters have played previously,  from Aimee’s mum to Aimee’s partner.

It’s an easy read with the narrative flowing fast and confidently, the work of a writer comfortable with her genre and her characters. The plot is sufficiently twisty and turny to keep you guessing and wondering who is who and who can actually be trusted. There are some nail biting moments too where you fear for the characters safety. 

What I found curious is that despite some of the gory bits and angsty bits it remains what I would call a light read in comparison with other books of this genre. It’s a paradox I know but there you are!! That’s what I felt. And my thanks to Nudge books for introducing me to this Gallic gumshoe! 

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