Friday, 6 December 2019

Sea - A Fragment

‘I be the sea. I am. I be. You will never tame me. You, with your silly pieces of plastic, letting them sink and float and dance on my waves and sink in my depths, hurting me and mine. Your stupid fishing nets that drag and swell with water that is MINE, mine, mine. Maim and kill. Why you do it? See the sea. What it is. Why, t’is another universe on the bottom of this land world. You seek legends of Atlantis. You claim Atlantis is lost. No. I do not lose anything. You lost it. Because you cannot see that the whole of the ocean bottom is one big city. Atlantis. Why, the sea t’is manifold!

I is moving always, never still, flowing. All rivers flow to reach me. Even when they reach me still they must move, never ceasing. Carrying life with me. Beware. When the water is still, beware. Don’t try to sail your little boats when the sea is still. And not when the ice bergs are dancing their spring wave waltzes. Calm. The sea can claim you. You will never tame me. Rough. The sea can claim you. You have seen me when I angry. Spitting my foam across your world, frothing at my sea mouth in madness and ire. You will never tame me. Go home Canute. And you’re foolin no one, Poseidon. 

Peace and silence rules my world. Down, down in those depths you will not hear the jiggedy jangling of your bickerings and mutterings. Your devious devices cannot survive beneath the epidermis of my seaweeded sea skin. T’is calm. T’is a place of life and a place of death.  Full fathom five. Bones hide. Feed the fishes. Stop dropping your wrecks and leaving them here. It’s messy, untidy. You took your Mary Rose, now take the rest. If I could spit them out I would. Ha! What a sight that would be on your deck chair, suncream kissmequick hatted beaches.

Stop stealing my fishes. Have something else with your chips. You do not need to eat them. My seals and dolphins and bears and whales and sea lions need them. They  only take what they need. Never greedy like you. Sharks and tunas and mackerels and swordfish need them, only eat what they need. Do you see them come ashore and take all your takeaway, throwaway, can’tgiveitaway MacKingChicken VolvicEvian NandoNachoCrispPringle StarbuckCostaNero CadburyGalaxy? No. The sea and all its creatures behave with respect. Why not you? 

Now, now. No need for those tears. I is okay. Salty tears but a drop in the ocean. Forgive me punning. T’is not all bad. Just get cross sometimes. Just get frustrated. Despair. I knows there are those who knows what to do and never try to tame us. I knows there are those who understand us. I see you. I see you watch us from afar. I see you lift your heads and breathe us in and smile. I see your heart be lifted by my cousin sun shining across our diamond sparkle waves. I see you understand the up and down, yin and yang, give and take, rough and calm. I see you who understand the balance of land and sea. And that’s all I ask. Love the sea’

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