Monday, 23 January 2017

Sweet Oblivion

As I began this book it was a bit like Fifty Shades of Grey meets Basic Instinct! Not one for the fainthearted I might stress. But without a doubt this is page turning, nail biting stuff. A white knuckle ride of a read.

It’s a debut thriller and is written by a serving police detective which allows it obvious authenticity. And as a bonus this police detective was previously a writer. Now that Ms. Ramsey has once again taken up the pen alongside the hand cuffs it seems like a combination destined for success.

Before I wax too lyrical in my praise there are flaws both on an objective and subjective level. I spotted one or two spelling mistakes and a few grammar anomalies. Hopefully if there are to be some future works the services of an editor would iron these out. I found some of the conversations between the characters contrived and adding little to character development or the plot. In my experience that isn’t uncommon in a first book. Some of the flashback passages in the story I found unpleasant and not something I wanted to read about. I totally appreciate that their inclusion were crucial to the plot in terms of allowing us to see how one of the characters had arrived at their present stage of life. (I’m trying hard not to offer any spoilers here!) But that is just my own antipathy towards certain subjects. I guess the stark nature of the revelations do allow us some compassion.

I did figure out ‘who dun it’ and I’m intrigued because I’m not sure if I was supposed to or not! So I am not automatically congratulating myself. Some writers offer that as a plot device so the reader can enjoy seeing how the police unravel the clues and arrive at the correct conclusion. It certainly didn’t detract from being gripped by the rest of the story. 

It’s as tight a plot as I’ve come across particularly in a police procedural and a debut work as well. And I really felt the first hand experience of the writer elevated the story. It made me wonder whether the genesis of this comes from first hand experience. It certainly made me stop to consider how the police deal with the effects of what they see and experience. I’m not sure I would sleep at night! But maybe Rhiana Ramsey’s motivation for writing this is a form of catharsis to cope. 

So, if you like a fast paced thriller that pulls no punches you won’t like this. You’ll absolutely love it!!

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