Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Shadowed - Karen E Olson

You know what? I don't care whether this is a well written book or not. I'm not bothered if the plot structure is sound. I couldn't give two hoots if the characters are engaging and not one dimensional. None of that matters because I just really enjoyed this book and didn’t want to put it down. A story such as this strips me of my critical faculties because it just picked me up and carried me along gently dropping me when it was done.
Granted I never go online any more without metaphorically looking over my shoulder but maybe that's not a bad thing?

And the main character, a computer hacker on the run big time, is compelling yet human and very convincing. This is apparently the second in the series featuring her. Not sure what to call her as identity is a key theme in the book. The suspense is sustained pretty much throughout, a techno thriller, do we have a new genre hatching?

Loads of action, physical and cerebral. You might figure things out, you might not. I did, and then again I didn't!  It's that sort of book. The final denouement is possibly a little bit cheesy but it works here. And it’s a peculiar paradox because you could see it coming but then again you couldn't. I'm not making much sense am I? Go and read the book then, you might see what I mean.

If this book has something to say it is that the cyber world can be a scary place but I think we all knew that anyway didn't we? And it raises interesting considerations about how possible it is to try and remain incognito indefinitely in this big brother computer ‘smart’ world?

I received an e book copy of this to review from Breakaway Reviewers

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